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      Online lessons save time and effort to get the most efficiency

    Online Tutoring

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    How we teach online

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    Learn at your own place

    Students are in control of their own lessons: they may select times for their tutorials that are best suited to them, allowing them to learn at the pace of their choice using an interactive digital whiteboard; all lessons are recorded, allowing students to review them as many times as they like afterwards.

    Modern educational techniques

    Prior to meeting the teacher, students must undertake an initial online teaching performance test. This test is delivered through the online portal and provides a thorough report on the means of communication, quality of sound, and the provision of the trainer screen for students.

    One-to-One Tutoring

    By its very nature private tutoring is Differentiated Instruction. Private tutors can concentrate on particular strengths and/or weaknesses and deliver content and teaching strategy at a suitable place for each student.

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