About Us

    BRADFORD staff comprises a team of educational and technology consultants, all of whom have a passionate dedication to the field. We are a combined endeavor that enables students to access the best education through the best technology. BRADFORD was created in order to create a transformation in the way tutoring has traditionally been undertaken in the Middle East, providing an accessible means of enjoying live personal tutoring. This has resulted in a learning experience that is second to none, employing cutting-edge digital whiteboards and online classroom technology. By bringing together enthusiastic students with the best teachers, we have built a learning platform that will raise the academic levels of education in the Middle East and make high-quality education open to all. Our aim is to achieve a transformation of traditional learning environments, handing educational power back to teachers and students. We have done this through the creation of an environment that allows everyone to learn at a pace that suits them best, and at the optimal times. We want to build a system of online education that is as easy to access as possible, that will boost the academic levels of our region, and that will become acknowledged as the #1 choice for individual learning for the Middle East.

    Our Goal

    Our goal is to create an online education portal that removes the individual barriers to learning, that enhances the capacity of academia and is recognised as the leading option for personal learning in the Middle East.

    Our Mission

    Our mission is to transform the traditional learning environment, and put the power of education into the hands of both students and tutors, by creating a space where people are empowered to learn at their own pace, and at times that suit them.