Common questions for Online Learning

    What do I need to register for Bradford Online materials?

    Laptop and medium internet speed

    What is the mechanism of distance teaching?

    A link is sent, A teacher is met with and a screen is moved to your device.

    How many hours are required for the course?

    You are free to choose the number of hours through the site

    How to pay the lecture fees?

    Through PayPal or it is possible to contact the administration to send the feed through other ways

    Is it possible to take a recorded lecture since it cannot be online for long periods?

    Yes, it is possible after paying the fees, a lecture will be recorded with the required material and a link will be sent to you

    Does our material differ from the material details on the site?

    You can send material slides or the name of the approved book to be taught according to your curriculum.

    Is it possible to take lessons in a material that is not on the site?

    Please fill out the form for ordering a new material on the site and it will be answered soon

    The material I have is clear but ,Is it possible to solve any questions I want?

    Yes, it is possible by clicking on the request to solve problems or it is possible to contact the administration.

    How to set the date of the lecture?

    Teaching takes place online from 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. The student chooses the appropriate time for him and can contact the administration to coordinate with other appointments.

    How to register as a group and is there a discount for groups?

    Yes, a discount is made for groups and please contact the administration for other details

    Is there a discount if I record a certain number of hours?

    Yes, if you register for one course 20 hours, you will directly get a 20% discount. To activate this feature, you must register via the golden offer, and it is available for all teaching materials..

    What are the ways to communicate with the administration?